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Get $500 for every sign-up with ShedPro

How it works

We are all friends and family in the Shed Industry! You probably know someone that could benefit from having a more effective process to selling sheds. Refer a friend and get up to $500.

find a friend

1. Find a Friend

Think of a friend or colleague who could use help in boosting their shed sales.

tell your friend

2. Tell them

Share this page or this brochure to your friend.

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3. Earn

We’ll give you and a friend up to $500 OFF your next bill.

Let’s Talk

Set up a meeting with our team to see ShedPro in action.

Terms of Use

  • If you are a current ShedPro customer, once they sign up with ShedPro, you’ll get up to $500 cash or credit off your next billing statement. ($250 for each Configurator and Website package.)
  • If you are a new ShedPro customer, you will receive up to $500 off your first statement as well. ($250 for each Configurator and Website package.)
  • Note: When you “sign up” for the meeting, please indicate the individual who referred you as well as their company